Adrenalina Park Kąty Wrocławskie angpl
Atrakcje Adrenalina-Parku
Park Linowy
Gry zespołowe
Kraina dzieci
Miejsce przyjazne rodzinom
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Przyjaciele Adrenaliny

What to take with you?

First of all – take your family and friends – with them having fun takes on a new amazing dimension. It is better to wear comfy sporty clothes and shoes… just like as if you were going on a trip, cause nature can surprise us with various weather conditions.

Leave your tie in the closet – take a picnic blanket instead.


Let’s start from the very bottom

Shoes – some of you look wonderful in high heels, but unfortunately this kind of shoes do not allow to enjoy all the attractions of the Park. Flip-flops can be easily lost while driving tyrolean… :-) Sneakers or travel shoes on a hard sole would be a perfect choice. 


A little higher…

We have nothing against mini skirts at all, but it will be better for all of us if you wear comfortable pants.


Even higher…

When it is hot t-shirt is ok. Sometimes with long sleeves (it protects the body better). It is good to have something warmer (jumper, jacket, fleece) as all the fun is in the open air. And to be prepared for the rain it does not hurt to take a raincoat.



Is a place where we wear our head J It should be taken care of properly. Sunglasses protect us from the sun and so does a baseball cap. During cold winter days please wear your favorite hat… 


For paintball we have special type of camouflage clothing for you.

Adrenalina Park Kąty Wrocławskie